Paddling Magazine Industry Awards 2024

Paddling Magazine Industry Awards 2024

Vote for The Year's Best Gear! The choice is yours.

Consumers, retailers and media... You’re invited to vote in the 5th annual Paddling Magazine Industry Awards recognizing significant and outstanding achievements in the development of new products introduced to the paddlesports market.

The 12 categories cover the entire spectrum from kayaks, paddleboards, apparel and accessories from fishing to whitewater.

Vote today and be entered to win a $1,000 shopping spree at the paddlesports retailer of your choice.

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15 Kommentare
  • Looks perfect ! It would look great under me and it would look great on top of my truck .

    Brad Martin am
  • OMG, what a joy this would be to explore the Atlantic coast from Labrador, Newfoundland, and all the way to the tidal bore of the Bay of Fundy, aka the world’s highest tides.

    Shaun Hill am
  • Light weight, high performance and plant-based constructed Melker Varmdo is Sleek looks and seems very Stable for all level of people and I look forward to check it out!

    Juro Kiyama am
  • This is a new sleek streamlined kayak that I have never seen before . I can’t wait to try it out . It looks to be rapid and sturdily built . GOOD LUCK EVERYONE .

    Robert Fields am
  • I have been paddling Melker kayaks for many years now and this one is outstanding!

    Anna Lind Lewin am

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