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Kokatat | Supernova H2,5 Drysuit (Semidy)

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Dry suit for recreational paddlers who want to extend the season

Kokatat Supernova is a lightweight and flexible dry suit without all the unnecessary fuss. It is perfect for those who want to extend the season and get out even when the water gets colder.

We (and Kokatat) classify Supernova as a semi-dry suit. This is because it has a neoprene collar. Neoprene collars are not as tight as latex, so we choose to call it a "Semi-dry". With that said, this suit will still keep you dry and greatly increase your safety when paddling in colder water.

With neoprene in the neck, you avoid the choking feeling that can occur with latex collars while still keeping you warm, safe, and dry.

If you plan to roll, surf, or do some more advanced sea paddling, we recommend buying a suit with a latex collar so that you are guaranteed to stay completely dry.

Men & women

Supernova Semidry is available in both women's and men's versions. The female version has a "Drop-seat relief" zipper which means that it is easy to relieve pressure (urinate) without having to take off the entire dry suit.

The male version has a "relief zipper" in front.

Try before you buy!

Kokatat Supernova is available to rent at our Stockholm location. This means that you can rent the dry suit and test it out for real. If you like it so much that you want to buy one, we will of course deduct the rental cost when you buy your dry suit from us.

Don't see your size?

 We've just received our first shipment of Kokatat and believe that the brand will grow in Sweden. However, we don't have all colors and sizes in stock. If you don't see the model you want, contact us and we'll get it for you! Of course, with no obligation to buy.


After spending the last 50 years manufacturing clothing for paddling, Kokatat is today one of the world's most well-known brands in the paddling sports.

What sets Kokatat apart is that their clothes are truly made for paddlers. If a garment has a pocket, it is placed so that you can access it when you're wearing your life jacket, if a garment has a special detail, it is because it will be useful when you're paddling.

Emil likes to say that Kokatat is the best you can buy when looking for paddle clothes and now that we've had a chance to handle the gear, we can't do anything but agree. Talk about getting what you pay for.

Kokatat is also known for their drysuits and jackets in Gore-tex which releases moisture particularly well. It's worth noting that they develop Gore-tex specifically for paddling. That means that only Kokatat can use the type of Gore-tex they've developed.

Limited lifetime warranty

All the drysuits we sell from Kokatat come with a lifetime warranty. This means that if your drysuit begins to leak or otherwise stops functioning as it should, you can bring it in and we'll have Kokatat check it out and you'll get a fully functioning drysuit again.

This applies to the fabric and not the latex cuffs and as long as Kokatat deems the drysuit's lifespan has not been exhausted.


  • Machine or hand wash cold with gentle liquid detergent
  • Hang to dry
  • Avoid bleach and tumble dryer
  • Store dry, hanging, or air-folded

Kokatat - Dry Suit Care from Kokatat on Vimeo.


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We deliver all over europe and also to canada. Best way to find out if we can deliver to you is to start the purschase process. If there is a shipping alternative then we can get your order to you!

Melker is a classic swedish name and it was the name of a well known character in Saltkråkan, a television show that started 1964 in Sweden. The script was written by Astrid lindgren Swedens most famous children author.
The series takes place in Stockholm archipelago and therefor it is something many swedes think about when they think about the archipelago.

We took the name Melker as a hommage to the Tv-series and see it as one of our missions to help people to great experiences on and by the water.

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